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These are some of the projects which I have worked on. Most of these were undertaken during my course in computer science and engineering.

  • GETsP-Genetic Algorithm based solution for the Traveling salesperson problem.
    TSP is NP-hard, Hence there are no polynomial time solutions for the problem. A GA based solution offers comparatively quicker near optimum results. The solution was coded in C++ and can be easily extended to other problems. Prof. Mahabala, IIITb advised on the project.
  • SAFARsim – multithreaded Manet simulator.
    Created a simulator to study the performance of SAFAR. The simulator is unique in that it represents each mobile node as a separate thread communicating via shared memory with appropriate functions to simulate physical layer packet loss.
  • NACHOS: Thread and process subsystem
    Designing thread and process subsystem of a pedantic operating system as a part of the Design of Computer Systems-Mini Project. The thread system allows creation and synchronization of multiple threads through synchronization primitives. The process subsystem allows the creation of multiple processes with page translation. The system also supports exception handling and a variety of system calls like Fork, Join, and Yield.
  • netSniff: Network traffic Monitoring app
    Designed the interface and co-developed netSniff a network traffic monitoring tool. The tool has a java based packet sniffer and a visual basic front end showing the traffic load on the network and statistics. Prof. Mahabala, IIITb advised on the project
  • Design of an assembler for the 8085 instruction set supporting named variables, equivalences and labels.
  • Design of a simple restricted SQL query parser supporting creation of simple databases and conditional queries.
  • Created an e-commerce enabled websites for destination Time (a watch retailing company) and Samrat International supporting shopping carts, multiple users with user accounts.